Pitbull, Franchise Times

Pitbull and Miami Grill are a match made in none other than the heat of Miami. But you might be wondering exactly how this dynamic partnership came to be. With Miami Subs having been a part of the South Florida culture for years, it started earlier than you may think.

“Pitbull does have some history with the brand. The story is that Pitbull used to write lyrics in the Miami Beach restaurant on Washington Avenue while he waited for his lawyer – entertainment, not criminal – to bring over papers for him to sign.

The company he entered into a hefty equity agreement with has had its struggles, as well. And just as Pitbull had to reinvent himself as both an artist and an entrepreneur . . . Miami Subs has taken a number of colorful twists and turns to get where it is today.

Pitbull, [Richard] Chwatt said, is not a pitch man, he’s involved in everything from adding Cuban items to the menu to selecting the music played in the restaurants – a lot of which feature him. Miami is considered the gateway to Latin America, and Pitbull is even more popular there, where much of the chain’s international expansion is expected. Pitbull’s other strength is social media, where he has more than 27.5 million likes on Facebook.”

Take a look at the full article to get even more history behind the Miami Grill brand and how it came into close association with Pitbull.

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