Miami Subs launching new brand, Miami Grill, with big expansion plans

Miami Subs has been a long-beloved restaurant chain in South Florida – but with any brand, evolution is necessary in order to sustain necessary recognition. Over the past few years, CEO Richard Chwatt and his team have been formulating expansion plans to propel Miami Subs into the international spotlight – under the new name of Miami Grill.

“The problem with one of South Florida’s most iconic chains is that people don’t know it still exists, its CEO says.

Those who grew up eating Miami Subs’ Philly cheese steaks and chicken wings now probably say ‘I loved Miami Subs, but I thought they went out of business,’ said Richard Chwatt, CEO of the Fort Lauderdale-based chain.

At its prime, the chain had about 200 restaurants as it expanded nationally and internationally. Now, it’s down to 40, most of the locations in and around South Florida.

The new Miami Grill restaurants will offer customers a menu that includes more heart-healthy options, such as hot and cold subs served on multigrain bread, Caesar salads and tilapia, in addition to the chain’s tried-and-true favorites such as chicken wings and cheese steaks.”

South Florida is already getting a taste of this new Miami Grill flavor, and there is only more to come. To get the full background on the brand’s expansion plans, check out the full article.

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